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The Door On The Go Advantages

8 Reasons to Choose Us for richmond hill emergency door repair

  • Call us now and we’ll be there in 30 minutes!*
  • The price we give you if the price you’ll pay – no hidden fees!
  • An assessment and solution is provided to you on the spot
  • Everything needed to fix your door is with us on site
  • 24/7 emergency door repair available
  • Industry standard 1 year warranty on hardware
  • WE SERVICE ALL types of DOORS (Patio, Hollow, Metal, Wood, Glass, etc...)
  • Estimates are always free

(if you’re outside the Greater Toronto Area, arrival time will vary)

Fix Your Broken Door Now!



  • So, I sure needed a door repair, I tried to contact some companies in Toronto but nobody was available or simply was too expensive. However, stumbled upon by Door On The Go was the best for us. Very professional service and economic. Thank you!

  • Tony did an amazing repairing our front and rear doors. He was prompt and professional. He showed up on time and delivered first rate service. Thanks for all your help!

  • blog7 Tony quickly identified and handily repaired the three issues that were making it very difficult for our family to use our front door. I really appreciated that he was willing to go out of his way and make the repairs on the spot even though that was not the reason for our meeting and something I asked for at the last minute. He has excellent and prompt communication, is pleasant and cheerful and showed respect for my home. I am still marvelling at the great customer service and would highly recommend Doors On the Go to others.

  • Tony was the guy that solved the problem right away. He fixed the job that another company messed up. Don’t get confused by Doors on the Move for Doors on the Go. He really fixed an issue that was on going. Will definitely recommend him to anyone. This was a commercial door as well.

  • Tony came within less than 24 hours to install a couple of sliding closet doors for us. He was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. Price was right. Would highly recommend!

Lots of individuals believe their homes to be one of their best resources. They spend tens of thousands of dollars annually for home improvement, decoration, repair, and building since they would like to be certain that their family members can appreciate living in the house. However, the fact is that homes are susceptible to aging and loopholes also. A wonderful looking home now can very well seem like a haunted house in a month or two if not maintained correctly.

Or imagine if your doorway screws abruptly give loud creaking sounds which are bothersome to people? Imagine if you would like to change out your window frame but don’t have any clue how to move?

Rather than calling home repair service providers at a snap, then you can save yourself much more cash if you just learned how to do it on yourself. Lots of people did benefit in their choice to eliminate third party service providers and rather rebuild and fix their homes by themselves. In this manner, they’ve got more control regarding the whole procedure, and they pay a great deal less for the fix jobs.

1. Invest in certain DIY tools

For example, cordless and air tools. Strong equipment like cordless screws, drills, and saws, may be utilized for high-performance jobs that typically need a lot of manpower if performed manually. Using power tools, you can perform the job of a few individuals all on your own. There are various stores now that provide such gear. The costs for power tools might be somewhat steep, but you may think about them as a rewarding investment for your house and other building requirements.

2. Buy materials and supplies in bulk

This may sound counterproductive initially idea, but in fact, you’ll be saving more. As an instance, rather than purchasing screws and nails in small amounts, think about purchasing packages with countless claws contained in them. Bulk purchases allow you to save more money every single slice.

Next time you encounter some issues with your home facilities and require a fast fix, think about fixing it the DIY way. You’ll realize that you’ll have the ability to receive more value for the bucks.