• How long have you been doing this?

    We have been fixing, replacing, and installing all types of door and lock for over 30 years.

  • What makes you different than other Door Repair Company in the GTA?

    Here is a quick story about us. There was a commercial door that in need of repair. When we arrived, the client was very skeptical because many other companies fixed it, but within days the problem came right back. So what happens was the actual problem was not easy to be seen. One of the walls has cracked, and it put pressure on the frame and make the door stuck. So we found out the cause and fixed the cause then we fixed the stuck door after. This story sums up what makes us different.

    We are the first or the last door repair company that you need to call to get your problem fixed for good!

  • What is your process?

    Step 1. We will find out as much information from you as possible about your door problem.
    Step 2. We ask you to send the picture or video describing the problem.
    Step 3. We will try to give you the quote as best as possible. Almost all the time we know what needs to be done to fix the problem.
    Step 4. Depend on the availability of the clients and our technician (The emergency rate apply from 7:00 – 7:00 and all day the weekend & holiday per job basic we will let you know ahead of time), we come to the job site on time. We much prefer the client to be present while we do the work. That will help the process much clear and straightforward for both parties. We like to show our clients how we treating everything with respect and we like to give our clients any additional tips to keep the door stay good much longer after we left their place.
    Step 5. We clean up everything after the job is done and we don’t ever leave until our customer is completely happy. Many of them left us amazing review on our Google page or Facebook page.

  • Why does your quote sometime higher than other companies?

    Here are the reasons why sometimes our quote will be higher than other companies that you called:

    1. We use high-quality materials that manufacture in North America not from China or from India. We do not try to make a profit by cutting cost with the low-quality material.
    2. There is no hidden or extra cost once we give you the actual cost to fix your problem, unlike other company who will nickel and dime after they give you the estimate.
    3. If there an opportunity to do extra work on top to make sure that everything will be long-lasting, we will do it. No shortcut here.

  • What type of warranty do you offer?

    We offer the industry standard 1-year manufacturer warranty on the parts and we match the manufacture warranty on the labor.