Push Button & Handicap Door Opener Repair & Installation

Businesses who make an effort to accommodate each of their clientele create a much more favourable impression and build strong relationships with their customers. Even more, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001, has mandated that all businesses increase the accessibility of their property.

If businesses and other commercial buildings want to create a strong first impression, and even compete in the marketplace, they must take measures to accommodate everyone entering the building.

Push button and handicap door openers greatly increase the accessibility of your business for those with mobility issues. Something as simple as having a professionally installed push button and handicap door opener creates a strong first impression and, further, minimizes the possibility of negative experiences that easily arise when patrons can not easily access a place of business.

How Do Push Button and Handicap Door Openers Work?

Push buttons and handicap door openers allow physically disabled patrons easy access to a building via the simple touch of a button, which is typically located on the wall or door frame. The system will open a closed door for an extended period of time. Once the individual has entered the building, the door will close automatically.

At Door on the Go, we understand that our clients want high-quality handicap door openers at a reasonable price. We value accessibility, and believe that everyone should have access to these buttons at competitive prices – which is why we go out of our way to deliver our systems at affordable rates and with a two-year warranty and absolutely no hidden fees.

Door on the Go – State of the Art and Professional Push Button and Handicap Door Openers

Our push button and handicap door openers are among the best on the market – highly durable and engineered to provide seamless accessibility to your building. When it comes to accessibility, businesses and other commercial buildings need systems that they can rely on, and our systems are industry-grade and designed to perform. In other words, they are the best on the market. Patrons will enjoy a large, easy to use, responsive, and quick button that will create easy access to your place of business.

The Most Trusted Door Installation and Repair Experts in the GTA

Our technicians are certified and among the top door and lock experts in the industry. When it comes to installation, professional installation services are imperative to a well-functioning button. On top of that, our installation and repair services are reliable and highly efficient. Call us anywhere in the GTA and we will be to help you in 30 minutes. We know that even leaving a customer unhappy for a couple of minutes can greatly influence your bottom line, which is why we value highly-efficient services – especially when it comes to repair.

Door on the Go currently serves the GTA, including Toronto, Ajax, Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, and Richmond Hill. Choose Door on the Go for top quality push button and handicap door openers, as well as professional installation and repair.