Patio & Sliding Door Repair Services

If you’re looking to update your patio or sliding doors, we offer repairs, maintenance and replacement. We are sliding door and patio door experts with a team of maintenance professionals who will make your doors look better than ever after we’re done with them.

Patio Door Repair

Your patio doors play an important role in your home’s overall look. They also give you access to the outdoors so you can enjoy fresh air in your backyard. When not properly maintained, patio doors can become dirty and lose their functionality. Whether they open outwards or are on a sliding track, Door On The Go is staffed with patio door repair experts who can fix any type of doors. We also have emergency patio door repair services that can take care of the unexpected like a bird flying into the glass or your children accidentally hitting a ball into the patio door. Whatever the emergency may be, our team of patio door repair specialists will deal with it right away.

Sliding Door Repair

Our sliding door repair technicians are skilled at dealing with all brands and types of sliding doors. We can replace, repair and maintain your existing doors or install new ones. We’ll take care of door tune ups and ensure that all rollers are working up to their potential. If not, they will be replaced along with the sliding door’s track.

Additionally, we can replace the handles and locks on the doors and make sure everything is aligned. Sliding doors can lose their alignment over time with use but we’ll take care of the problem. Many sliding doors come with automatic door closers that also need to be maintained. If your automatic closer is making creaking noises, you should give us a call. We’ll repair the spring-loader and hinges so your door closer is in perfect working order.

Maintenance For All Doors

Maintenance plays a large role in what we do. Doors On The Go will maintain your patio and sliding doors so you don’t have to. Sliding doors move along wood, metal or vinyl tracks that are fitted into their top and bottom frames. Sliding and patio doors have one moveable and one fixed panel that without proper maintenance will give in to wear and tear. We provide sliding door and patio door maintenance because a well maintained patio or sliding door lasts a long time. It can last as long as your home does. Sliding and patio doors add value to your property too, making your home worth even more than when you bought it. No matter the brand or type of sliding or patio door you have in your home, we can maintain it so that the panels, rollers and frames work as good as new.

We offer free estimates. Contact us today at 416.624.5351 and we’ll repair, maintain and replace your patio and sliding doors.