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Emergency Door Repair Services

Emergency can strike at any moment. As strong as the doors in your home or office are, they are susceptible to unwarranted damage. We offer emergency door repair with technicians on standby 24/7. Our emergency door repair services will take care of vandalism, break-ins, rust and wear, frame repair and lock issues.

Emergency Repair Action

After we’ve received your call, we’ll be at your place within 30 minutes (unless you are outside the GTA, then time will vary). We will assess the situation and provide a solution on the spot. We bring with us the necessary tools and materials to complete the job on site so that you can get on with your day or night.


Graffiti artists know no bounds when it comes to their art, which means they’ll use your doors as a canvas without thinking twice. We can replace your doors quickly so that it’s like the graffiti was never there. Vandals can also break door frames, locks and glass. No matter what criminals have done to your door, we can fix it.


If you come home after a long day of work and notice something is off in your home, it may be the result of a break-in. Unfortunately, break-ins occur more often than not in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of emergency technicians can replace a broken door and clean up any shards of glass left behind.

Rust and Wear

Wear and tear is no match for Door On The Go. Our emergency door repair technicians will replace rusted door hinges and worn out rollers. We can even replace the entire door if necessary.

Frame Repair

Over time, a door’s frames may need to be replaced or repaired after much usage. Door frames can crack and split, but our team of emergency door repair technicians can take care of the damage on the spot.


Our emergency door repair services also include locksmithing. We employ trained locksmiths that are available at all times to help you get into your home or building should your key get stuck in the door or you encounter a frozen lock. Our locksmiths can also change your locks quickly if need be.

Commercial and Residential

Our emergency door repair services are available for both commercial and residential properties. We are your one-stop emergency door repair company and we can repair any damage on site.

Greater Toronto Area Emergency Door Repair

We service the city of Toronto and its environs. If you are a GTA resident, we are pleased to offer quick emergency door response that is generally within 30 minutes. We do, however, service areas outside the GTA but it may take us more than a half hour to get to your home or business.

For emergencies or to inquire about our other door repair, replacement and maintenance services, contact us at 416.624.5351.